“Meet me on the front porch” is a phrase you hear at Acorn Glen every day throughout our 80,000 square feet of living space. Actually, residents gathering with friends is an everyday part of life at Acorn Glen because our spacious yet cozy living space enhances social connections and our continuum of care promotes aging in place, including for those with dementia. What sets Acorn Glen apart from other assisted living residences is our belief that good enough just isn’t good enough.

As a resident of Acorn Glen, your day can begin with a lively chat over a cup of coffee in our bright Solarium or the cozy Mercer Bistro and end with a savory, flavorful dinner by the fireside in the Nassau Dining Room.

In between you can do everything from catching a Broadway-style performance at McCarter Theatre or treating your palate to a wine and cheese tasting to attending a poetry reading. Or maybe you want to challenge your physical skills with a power walk, tour horticultural gardens or attend personal worship services. At Acorn Glen, we provide the diverse resources and quality services that allow you to pursue your interests, nurture friendships and explore your talents.

A sing along in the Grand Foyer

Few family decisions are as emotional or as important as seeking assisted living for loved ones. At Acorn Glen, we are more than providers of day-to-day care . . . we are partners in helping families make good choices and develop individual care plans suited to each of our residents needs.

As a privately-owned facility, Acorn Glen has the flexibility to respond to residents’ changing needs, quickly and compassionately. Our experienced staff, our scope of services, and our attentive care surpasses industry standards, creating a comfortable and secure community that fosters peace of mind.

Quality care means more than tending to a person’s physical needs. It is based on respect and honoring the dignity of choice. Acorn Glen’s guiding principle is to enable our residents to shape their individual lifestyle. This is reflected in all aspects of our community. Our convenient location near Princeton’s cultural resources, and our diverse schedule of programs provide a choice of stimulating activities. The variety of dining options, spacious common rooms, and our wooded outdoor environment have been thoughtfully designed to encourage residents to choose their social interactions. Even the intensely personal issue regarding on-going medical care is a choice that residents and their families can make together.

Specialized Dementia & Alzheimer's Care

A diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most difficult any family will have to cope with. So when the time comes, it is reassuring to know that Acorn Glen offers resources that will provide you with the reassurance you need to help you with the difficult decisions ahead.

The Village, a self-contained, 12-unit wing offers people living with memory loss with the most respectful lifelong care. Under the attentive care of our specially-trained staff, your loved one has access to activities and services designed to engage, stimulate and enhance their quality of life. And you have daily access to our professional staff that will provide you with evaluations on your loved one’s condition.

To talk with an Acorn Glen dementia expert call 609.430.4000 or DementiaCare@acornglen.com